Baby can I hold you tonight?

Friday, 18 June 2010

Hey you all over there! I'm in such a good mood :D
I screwed up physics but maths were okay and now I have exactly 11weeks and 3days of summerholidays! Still can't believe it!
I don't have any pictures to show you now, I'm at Vic's place. I just wanted to ask if anybody has tried the code yet? Tell me if it works, hehe :p

I bought a cute, small, rose bag and a black dress, which I'm both gonna wear for tonight :D
Now I'm jumping under the shower, make my nails, maybe watch a movie and get ready, see you tomorrow!

Lots of love x


  1. vakanz..!
    bon, op jidde fall sinn i.wéi bai mengem blog verschidde problemer opgetaucht an... en gouf gelöscht; super -.-
    lo hun ech awer en neien...
    hoffen dat déi problemer hei net optauchen ;)

  2. Cooler Header :D find ich genial, selbstgemacht?

    p.s. ich verfolg dich mal, kannst meine sisterpage ja auch verfolgen? :)


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