Sunday, 20 June 2010

As I need money, I decided to show you some sneak peeks of my stuff that I sell on KK :)
If you find something that you'd like to buy but you're not member on KK, just comment below this post! To see all my clothes, click here.
I sell for example:

cute grey top with ruffles, size XS - 8€

black booties, size 37 - 15€ (were 40€!)

black highwaisted skirt, size 36 - 10€ (was 30€!)

grey & black Dr Denim jeans, both 24|32 - 25€ each. (were 75€!)

black Killahballerinas, size 38, worn 2 times! - 10€

grey jeggings, size M - 10€
and so much more :)

EDIT: don't be scared of asking me, even if you live in another country, I'm professional in sending stuff now, haha :D


  1. Hatte ich dir nicht das graue top geschenkt? ^^

  2. Nice items, I'm just totally out of money, haha. Succes with this!

  3. Den groen Top as déck schéin :D


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