Tuesday, 29 June 2010

My today's outfit. I'm covering my face because I just came home from the dentist when I took the picture and I couldn't feel the left half of my mouth, sooo :p

It's possible that this is gonna be my last post for the next 10days. Why? Because I'm going to Spain with Victoria tomorrow! :D Maybe we'll have internet over there so that I'm maybe gonna be able to post, but I don't wanna promise anything because I'm really not sure :)
Anyway, enjoy your holidays/good luck for your last exams or whatever's going on, haha :p

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Monday, 28 June 2010

These are pictures from today afternoon which I spend with Z♥. We were together to H&M and were standing in the changing room for like years, thinking about if we should buy this dress or not :D Finally we both did and I'm so damn happy! I'm so so in love with this dress, it's just.. perfect♥♥

We are the best so screw the rest!

Just a quick post about my today's outfit + what I bought at H&M. Not in this post: An absolutely stunning dress I bought! You'll see it in the next post!!

because you're gorgeous

Sunday, 27 June 2010

I decided to do a post like that because I:
1.really wanted to post something, just that I didn't know what
2.saw that kind of post on some blogs already and I find it an absolutely cute idea!
So here I go:
1.How would you like to spend your day?

2.What kind of clothes would you like to wear?

3.What would you like to look like?http://whi.s3.prod.lg1x8.simplecdn.net/images/2761988/beautiful_photography_portrait_woman_girl_lindsey_lohan-451f08b3dacfd994d080de700bdb8cb2_h_large.jpg?1277647529

4.What kind of tattoo would you like to get?

5.What kind of place would you like to live in?
all via weit

What about you? If you're doing such a post as well, comment below with your link :)


I'm sitting in front of the laptop while Germany and England are playing. And every fucking time I hear my brother using his Vuvuzela, I know that Germany scored, argghhh. Don't get my wrong but.. I doooon't want Germany to win the world cup! It's just.. I don't know. I want Ghana to win, they deserve it!!
Who are you for?

2:1 for Germany, gooooo Englaaaaand you can do this :D!

Since I'm going to meet Z tomorrow in town and there's the big sale in H&M, I decided that I'll take a quick look :p I'm really gonna try to buy just a feeeew stuff. I need my money for spain, heh :) I'd like to have a Maxi-Dress, like this one, skinny and reaally long, which you could wear with sandals or ballerinas, etc. And maybe a cute Jumpsuit, don't know yet..


Saturday, 26 June 2010

Some time ago, I bought tons and tons and tons (for altogether around 6€!) of chain but totally forgot it. I bought different kinds of chain & this evening, I was bored by sitting on the table, I finally made myself a sort of bracelet-ring-thingie, hehe :p aswell, I thread leather tape through one of the chains. These are the results:

I can wear them as necklace, belt or bracelet :)

Really like it, I just think that I should find a way to kind of fix the ring-part more, hmm.
Like it? x

I just got 25€ from my grandma, gonna save it all up for spain. I'll get 50€ from mum, 50€ from dad, I have around 80€ on my account +hopefully the ~25€ from KK'll arrive soon aswell. means: 50+50+80+25= 205€, waaaah :D:D

you're my toxic valentine

[1] this is what my hair looks like when I wash it, quickly (but not completely) dry it and have it in a knot for the whole day & night. All wavy :D even tough it doesn't stay for really long :/
[2] My today's outfit, simple but cute :) Top+Bikini are from H&M, skirt's from Springfield, bought in Lisbon.

Today my grandmas and my uncle are coming and we're gonna have a little bbq. I'm really looking forward to it because I'm already damn hungry + I helped my dad preparing everything, mmmh.
There's nothing more to say for the moment, I think I should work a little on my tan, so see you later!

Ask me on my formspring, doesn't matter what, I'm bored :p here.

ohhhhh look how beauuuutiful!

Friday, 25 June 2010

Oh god, I guess I'm definitly an addict. I'm in neeeeeed of those shoes! The first, third and fourth ones are all around 8-12£ and the brown ones are 25£. They're all from New Look wrrrrrrrr.
And the last ones are from Zara, I've been looking for them for ages D: I stole the picture here, hihi.

Anybody wants to buy them for me? :D The sandals in 37, the others in 38 hehe:D
PS: if anybody sees the last ones, tell me immediately, where you've seen them & how much they cost, please!!Zentriert

This time for africa!

I actually am not a big fan of football, I only sometimes watch a few games during the World Cup. I just really love the feeling you get when you see that the whole world can communicate in freedom because of that sport. Like there's no fight and even if someone loses a game, they're still acting like they're friends, like it only is a game and don't get furious, etc.
Shakira's song for the world cup this year is really nice, well in my opinion. And always when I see that video, it kind of gives me a strange.. but good feeling, it shows that we can all work together without fighting and that it doesn't matter that there are differences between you and me.
Like Shakira says: "We're all Africa"

I wanted to post the full video here but it didn't get how to do it, so here's the link :
if anybody knows how I can properly upload the video.. I'm always open for help, hehe :D
EDIT: Here it is:

She likes to be my bittersweet love

My today's outfit. I found those cute socks some time ago in my closet and decided that I'd have to wear them, they're so adorable :D So I wore them today when I went to town this morning to go to the library (I bet I sound like a nerd right now but I actually always find good books and movies there!) and meet Z for less than two hours. I had a delicious Ice Age (It's like a Frappuccino) and had a good and relaxed conversation :) Then I went to my brother's school (He now still has a week of school, haha :D) and went home with him & mum.
We had delicious cheesefondue and I think I'm now gonna lay outside in the bikini, read one of my 'new' books, listen to music and pray for a little tan :p x

Thursday, 24 June 2010

All from tuesday evening/night.
[1]my outfit that evening; white tanktop-H&M, shirt-DIY, black jacket-unknown, peach/nude/rose skirt-New Look, black tights + rose bag-H&M. [2-3] V&me, we had delicious dinner at Pizza Hut with a few other friends. [4-5] L, A & me in PM, having fun :p