Saturday, 1 May 2010

Yesterday I spent some time on KK again (yes, I'm addicted) and I found a really nice recipe for Cup-cakes. No, not the cute, small ones with icing and everything, I mean cakes in cups! Sounds funny, right? I tried it out and the result is really tasty :D It takes you about 10minutes to do it and it's just a cup full of it :) I think, I should share that recipe with you!

4Soupspoons Flour
4Soupspoons Sugar
3-4Soupspoons Cacao
3Soupspoons Milk
3Soupspoons Oil

Throw it all in a big Cup, mix it with a spoon and put the cup in the microwave for about 4minutes :) When the cake 'grows', it's ready!

I also added some smarties :D You can, ofc, make them without cacao, add cinnamon, vanilla sugar or whatever you want!
Enjoy x


  1. omg thanks, i'm gonna try this, seems so easy :D

  2. dad do man ech och mol :D xo

  3. M,,,, The 'icecream' dosnt look so good :P

  4. dat man ech och mol :) mmh ;P


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