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Sunday, 23 May 2010

I actually am not a big fan of watches, they usually don't look good on me or I just get bored of them after some time. Also, I never 'needed' one, I mean, I have my phone, so why do I need a watch? hehe. Butttt: Swatch has a new collection, called 'colour codes', which I really like. They made veery simple watches, but in all different colours! Me myself, I'd like to have a white one, because you can wear it whit jewelery aswell, without looking weird :p My mum said I'll have one, if we'll find them, 'cause in the onlineshop, they're about 38€, and in local shops just 30€ :)

But now I'm off to make myself some smoothies x

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  1. io dei sen mega schein:)
    ech hu ioeng weiss icewatch dei sen och cool:)


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