Saturday, 8 May 2010

pretty girls!

Sorry that I didn't post more yesterday! I don't have any pictures to show you for the moment, but here's what my yesterday looked like;
After school I went to Brioche DorĂ©e with some friends, had tasty Pizza and then we went through Zara. I willfully didn't take a lot of money with me, I had around 8€ left, because I was going to try to buy nothing. Buuut, ofc, I fell in love with half of the boutique, haha. I tried on some skirts and tops and finally bought a darkblue miniskirt (I'll wear it tonight for my brother's concert, so pictures are coming up!) and I also found a cute, blue-white striped cropped shirt and a blazer, which my mum is gonna buy for me :D It reminds me a little of Coco Chanel's style.
After that, we went to H&M and tried Bikinis on, and I fell in love with a turquoise Bikini with some golden details, it was that sort of 'bandeau'-bikini. Aaaaand mummy said, I'll get it aswell :D! Life's going great, hihi.

Got two tests back:
I only had mathtest yesterday, the last test 'til the compos :D We have about four 'real' schoolweeks left, then one week compos and freeeeeeee :D I'm really excited, he :b


  1. gossip girl <3
    ma en huet 180e kascht, war awer eng occasioun mee an ass wei nai :D

  2. ma vun engem meedchen :) hat op main facebook status geschriwen dat ech een iphone sichen an hat huet sech gemelld :D


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