Saturday, 29 May 2010

Oh I'm so sorry that I didn't post the last two days :O!
I spent my thursday at home, tidying m room a little, sewing (I wasn't successfull at all, stupid sewingmachine!), studying (at least a little bit, he) and watching tv :p
In the evening, I went to Vic's place and stayed there for the night, we had delicious pastaa and watched first GNTM, then two movies, so finally we went sleeping at 3am, haha :)
Ofc, the next day(actually same day :p), we woke up laate, at 12am to be honest :D for our 'breakfast', we had deliiiiiicious, american pancakes (for the recipe, click here). Then we watched another movie, disturbia, which we loved! Around 6pm I went home and my family was back at home at half past eleven :)
Today I went to Echternach in the morning, with mum, getting a present for my brother's birthday, which is tomorrow. Now I'm at Vic's place again (it's my second home) and we're gonna watch the Eurovision Song Contest together :)

Long post, sorry, hehe x
(Shame on me, I don't have any pictures to show you)


  1. Oeh, I love 'Disturbia'.. I was telling about this movie to all of my friends, but none of them know it -.- finally someone :D xx


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