I don't like tuesdays.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

(I don't like tuesdays, because I have: german, geo, moral, chemistry, spanish, physics, double math)
Huuu :D! This was my today's outfit (Not thaaat special, right?)
I had a quite good day, I missed the first tree periods because I had an appointment at the eyedoctor, and during math we watched a movie for the whole two hours, he :D

My plans for tomorrow (last day of school for this week!): school 'til 14:50, go to the post with a friend, to send a packet for KK, go back to school where I'll pick L up, bring my little brother to mama's work, take the bus to go to L's place.
Thursday: Take the bus with L, to go to my grandma's place, sew the whole afternoon! (telling you why later ;))

So: I'm really looking forward to tomorrow and thursday :D!

I think, I should definitely experiment more with different writings (fat/underlined/big/small, etc)

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  1. u look amazing !!! i love this outfit


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