Saturday, 15 May 2010

I'm thinking about buying an iPhone 3G, someone's selling it for 200€, which is, in my opinion, pretty cheap? But I'm not totally sure yet.. I do have the money, and I do want one, but.. yes or no? I know a few people who have an iPhone & they're absolutely happy with it. I think it's awesome, haha :p So, help me, yes, no?


  1. ej well schon seit engem mount een((:
    mee ch warden bis den neien rauskend :D
    hdg <3

  2. kah..ass io mad abo.
    an wann egal :P
    ech hun nemlech kb elo den aalen ze kafen wan an puer meint den neien schon rauskend..

  3. I wanted it, but now I have a blackberry bold 9700. iPhone has great potential and that's fine sometimes. But I don't know, it's your choice :)

  4. io blackberry as mein draam schlechthin :P
    maa fir 200 euro geng ch ned nodenken an en direkt huelen :P


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