Saturday, 15 May 2010

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Hello Sweethearts!
I'm really, really, reeeaaally sorry about my hugeee lack of posts D:! I just didn't feel like posting & didn't really have any good ideas/inspiration.
Thursday I went to my grandma's place with L & we sewed all afternoon long, pfuuuh :) Finally, grandma lent me her sewingmachine, yeeh :D That's also one of the reasons, why I haven't posted anything 'til now. I'm sewing every second I have time, it's so addictif (or with v?) :b
Yesterday some new stuff arrived, a book, nailpolish, shorts.. (amazon & KK) But no pictures now, my camera is dead, I have to wait 'til the batterie's full again, but I promise to take pictures then ;)
Today I went to Echternach and bought lots of stuff for sewing, etc. Kilos of chain and pearls and blabla :p

That's all for the moment! x


  1. this is a lovely look!!! i'm in need of those shoes!!


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