Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Andddd, before I forget:
Last time when I was at my grandma's place, I got those two things from her; cute butterflybrooch which I'm gonna wear as a necklace & real vintage glasses :D

I'm hungry, going to eat now! See you later, x


  1. ech had och seu en geilen brell fond(:
    (siehe facebook 'never look back' foto)
    mee en wa well bessen futti, an en as gebrach )):

  2. bei mir wa ed genau selwejt, an en wa bessen ugerass dun hun ch dad eent glas locker raus krut, an dad aanert hun ch rausgebrach dad hued och dazeu gefouert das den brell futti gangen as :P

  3. ich mag den schmetterlinnnggg :)

  4. hellef mir :P
    weien layut hues du ?
    ech gin gue ned eenz ..

  5. Shiit,sorry by accident I rejected your comment! Anyway,right?I wish I could go to Sweden and go to shops such as Gina Tricot,Monki..etc.


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