Alors, on danse?

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Oh, but one more thing: These are my new shoes from Zara! Aren't they pretty? eheh :b Going to look through Zara tomorrow, maybe I'll buy something? We'll see!

I'm really, really sorry for my boring posts during the week! I usually don't have a lot of news, I have long schooldays, not always special outfits and not a lot of inspiration, so I just make those small, boring posts.. I always try to make better ones on weekends, so sorry again x


  1. B.O.R.I.N.G Shoes. Hn.... Nothing Special.

  2. heey :) coolen blog! ech sin och vun luxo an hun lo en blog ugefang. wans de wells kans de mer io followen. :) an deng DIY blouse do ass mega schein : D gesait mega Miu Miu aus

  3. Very nice shoes! Perfect for summer :)


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