Sunday, 30 May 2010

I found those pretty shoes on New Look, they're both £25, but I know a code where I can get -20% with :p yes, no?

if anybody wants that code.. ask ;) (but it's just from the 18.6-20.6!)

They got nothing on you, baby

I felt like sharing some good music with you (well what in my opinion is good music)
Nothing on you - BoB
Trouble - Cast of St. Trinian's
Love drunk - Boys like Girls
Your love is my drug - Ke$ha
In my head - Jason DerĂ¼lo
Poppin' champagne - All time low

Tell me your favorites, xx

what's going on in my head?

Today's my little brother's birthday! He's turning 12 :D
Yesterday I decided to bake a cake for him, a chocolatecake with smarties in it!
This is what the cake looked like, when it was fresh out of the oven, mmmh.
But of course we had to decorate it :D

we needed: dark chocolate and a lot of decoration stuff!

first we made a chocolatetopping. dark chocolate + butter + a little bit water. I never add sugar, the cake's usually sweet enough.

share the chocolate on the whole cake (omg, this look sooo good *_*)

Decorate it with whatever you can find!

TADDAA :D Doesn't it look awesomeee? I hope it tastes awesome aswell, hihi :)
Enjoy your sunday (school tomorrow..)

Some stuff I drew.. I felt like posting it.. Do you like it?

I used to be lovedrunk but now I'm hungover

Do you know that, when you have tons of pictures on your camera, you want to post so badly but just don't have time? Well, that's actually my problem :p so, be ready for a couple of posts now ;)
First here:
when I was waiting for Vic to get me, on thursday, I was bored, so I decided to make pictures while I'm jumping, haha. Well, I took them on my own, these are the funny results:

I don't know why I took the bag with me, heh :p

Guys look even hotter when they dress niceee.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

ike the title already says, guys look so much hotter when they're well dressed, don't you think so?
Here are some awesome outfits from boys (all via Lookbook)


we need more guys dresses like that, right? :p

Oh I'm so sorry that I didn't post the last two days :O!
I spent my thursday at home, tidying m room a little, sewing (I wasn't successfull at all, stupid sewingmachine!), studying (at least a little bit, he) and watching tv :p
In the evening, I went to Vic's place and stayed there for the night, we had delicious pastaa and watched first GNTM, then two movies, so finally we went sleeping at 3am, haha :)
Ofc, the next day(actually same day :p), we woke up laate, at 12am to be honest :D for our 'breakfast', we had deliiiiiicious, american pancakes (for the recipe, click here). Then we watched another movie, disturbia, which we loved! Around 6pm I went home and my family was back at home at half past eleven :)
Today I went to Echternach in the morning, with mum, getting a present for my brother's birthday, which is tomorrow. Now I'm at Vic's place again (it's my second home) and we're gonna watch the Eurovision Song Contest together :)

Long post, sorry, hehe x
(Shame on me, I don't have any pictures to show you)


Thursday, 27 May 2010

I actually am really happy, because already 3 more people started to follow me, so I should have 36followers, but I can't see them? Does anybody know, why I can't see them? :(


Wednesday, 26 May 2010

I went to town with Vic yesterday, some pictures:

I bought: dotted shirt; H&M divided (9,95€), grey tube dress; H&M (4,95€ only!) andwaterproof mascara; Sephora, (19,90€)

Now I'm off to watch Private Practice! x

Silly boys

My monday's outfit, it was sooo hot!

Monday, 24 May 2010

I'm planning to buy these babies from H&M. They're so pretty and supercute and.. oh I fell in love :) In Luxemburg, every mannequin wears them, but they don't sell the shoes, wtf? They cost 40€, but hey, I've been thinking years about it, if I should buy them or not. Now I just have to check the OS every second, especially in the morning, because they're sold out in 38 for the moment.. :(

hot hot hot

Sunday, 23 May 2010

How to:
make a strawberry-banana smoothie: (for one person)
you need:
-about 7 or 8 strawberries
-a little bit more than half a banana
-4 ice cubes
-half a glass of water (from a small glass!)

mix it all together, add as much sugar as you want to and enjoy! :D for the ones who prefer milkshakes; use milk instead of water and ice.

I'm waiting

Yesterday evening I stayed at Vic's place and we had lots of fun :D Here are some pictures we took:

we tried to catch the popcorn with our mouths. actually worked.. well, sometimes :p

her old gameboy :D

Cutie pie :) Awesome evening <3

Sorry, what time is it?

I actually am not a big fan of watches, they usually don't look good on me or I just get bored of them after some time. Also, I never 'needed' one, I mean, I have my phone, so why do I need a watch? hehe. Butttt: Swatch has a new collection, called 'colour codes', which I really like. They made veery simple watches, but in all different colours! Me myself, I'd like to have a white one, because you can wear it whit jewelery aswell, without looking weird :p My mum said I'll have one, if we'll find them, 'cause in the onlineshop, they're about 38€, and in local shops just 30€ :)

But now I'm off to make myself some smoothies x

if you just try, try, try

Saturday, 22 May 2010

But now I'm off! xx

Woah, it's soo sunny and waarm today! I took a few pictures outside, I'll show you them in a minute, they're still loading :) Here I'll just post a picture of a pretty nailpolish I bought in Schlecker yesterday, for 99ct!
(the light green nailpolish is the own from KK)


Thursday, 20 May 2010

Today I:
- finished polishing my nails (in the morning, during breakfast, haha)
- had a funny chemistry lesson (not because of the teacher, though..)
- didn't do any math during maths class
- had lunch sitting outside in the sun
- had gym test (thank you, dear teacher, to be sick for two days but then come to school when I have gym!)
- had a really funny (as always) biology lesson
- came home and took pictures outside (I'm progressing, dudes!)
- am posting this + then going to Vic's place, watching GNTM, etc!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

just wanted to try that 'new function' of Lookbook out, hehe :p

Help me learning how to fly

I actually am not a big fan of tattoos. Most of them are not pretty, too big, etc. But, there are always some exceptions, like this one. I love Sienna Miller's cute bird-tattoo. I find it so pretty, it's small but there. You can wear everything you want to to your tattoo without looking stupid and so on!
What do you think? x

When I was outside, taking pictures, I decided to check the letter box and found this big envelope, and what was in it? A cute skirt which I've been waiting for soo long! Now I finally know what to wear tomorrow, haha.

Oh and, what do you think about my new layout?


So this was my today's outfit, I managed it to take pictures outside, just before it started raining, heh :p For the ones who're wondering; the red thing with my reflection on it is my mum's car!

Today was a pretty normal day, normal much work, normal schoolstress and normal, funny spanishhour, haha. I always finish school at 14:50 wednesdays, so I went to town to buy a huge packet, because of KK, and I found out that it's 10€ for sending it through europe :O That's like soo expensive!

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30followers, I love you guys!