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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

These are some pictures I took outside + some stuff I bought at Echternach :)
love the color of the nailpolish!
+ new shampoo, GRAZIA magazine, which I absolutely fell in love with!, big and small envelopes (guess, why) and chain, for my bag. I finished french (thanks, wikipedia!) and I'm now gonna sit down, eat chocolate eggs and try to finish my bag, adding the chain. (Without my strong daddy!)
See you later, alligator. x

Oh and; aren't my socks cool? :D


  1. haha , yes nice socks !

  2. Oh jetzt erst deinen kommentar zu den wedges gelesen :O
    hab die bei ebay ersteigert. sollen aus einer kleinen botique in Göttingen oder so sein ^^

  3. Das Bild von dir und deinem Bro ist schön! Friede, Freude, Eierkucken :D
    Ich hab mir noch nie Grazia gekauft xD

  4. ahah, no, I just went there for get my painting.
    lovely photos :)

  5. Love you ballerinas and your socks!
    Stop by


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