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Sunday, 25 April 2010

First of all; sorry that I didn't post yesterday! The weather was just so nice that I stayed most of my time in our garden :)
In the first picture you can see the ring I told you about, I bought in H&M
The other two pictures show you my yesterday's outfit, since we had dinner with grandma. The dotted blouse is the new piece I got from KK :) It's actually pretty long and I can nearly wear it as dress :b But it's really cute! Sure some more outfitposts with it during the next weeks. Also, in the second picture (quite bad light..) you can see my new nailpolish, I really love the color, makes me think of summer, sun and watermelon, hehe.
Don't know yet if there'll be any more post today, gotta do some homework and hopefully see V & K, but we'll see :)
Enjoy your sunday! x


  1. schönes outfit,
    und der ring, ich hab ihn auch gefunden, richtig schön (:

  2. Great look and lovely ring :)

  3. müde ? ((:


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