Yeah I'm a real big sinner, sometimes I eat my dessert before my dinner.

Friday, 9 April 2010

I'm really, really sorry, that I didn't post yesterday, didn't have any time! And also today I was really busy!
But this is, what my wednesday looked like; bought this cuteee shirt, I fell in love with it immediately!
Then; a picture with my brother, being silly :b
+ The new nailpolish I showed you :) & my bag! :D I still have to make some small corrections, but what do you think about it? :)

And watch this, I love them!


  1. What a cute blog!you look nice.)

  2. heyy :) cute blouse
    where did ya got that chain for your blag? it's gorgeous!! :D

  3. wuahh cool (: da ginn ech och emol dohin :P siichen schon meega laang esou eng fir eng ketten z maan, respektiv auszbesseren :DD mercii


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