Saturday, 3 April 2010

So here I am again, back from 5amazing days in Lisbon :) Like I promised, I took quite a lot of pictures. Oh but, before I start; I didn't make the pictures big, because the quality would be reaally bad + it's way more work to order them here, etc.

So this was during our flight, first from Lux to Porto, then to Lisbon. As you can see, I wore my contacts, which wasn't such a good idea, you'll see later..

This is so pretty, isn't it?

Like I said, it wasn't a really good idea from me to wear my contacts for 4hours flight, so the result was; my eyes were quite 'infected'. Not in a horrible way, so that I looked like a Zombie with red eyes, etc, but, especially my left eye, really really hurt and I looked like I was crying all day long. So we went to the next pharmacy, where I got some stuff for my eyes. I decided to stay in the hotelroom the whole day.
This is what my day looked like..

Polishing my nails in red, drinking Coca Cola..

Drawing random stuff...

And finally I had a little walk to McDonalds and bought stuff to take away.

And yeah, with my glasses on all day long.

Also in the evening and the following day, I prefered to wear my glasses, so that my eyes could 'relax' a little bit.
What I wore that evening;

Next day;
We went to see some monastery, where my dad took a picture of me and my little brother :b I look quite (eh yeah, just a little bit) goofy there, but oh well..

I loved all the cute places in the city! You could find at least one lovely, old Kiosk at each place!

My new shoes.. aren't they cute? Love the colour :D
(Also got some more stuff, taking pictures later ;))

Yeah, no comment :)

Love the car :D

My favorite picture :D My brother & I, jumping through the streets, haha :D

And finally, my dad took the picture, the restaurant where we ate at least 3times, we loved it, haha :b

Yes, that were my holidays :) How about you? Did you go away? If yes, where?

Sorry, Sorry for the long post..

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  1. Ich mag die schuhe voll!
    Ich will jetzt auch in eine Großstadt .. :)


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