Summer, hurry up!

Monday, 5 April 2010

So here's the stuff I got in Lisbon. Like I said; not that much at all :)
First: Beautiful blue bag, mum payed half of the price, had to get it :D
Second: Light grey cardigan which I bought in ZARA, one of my favorite pieces at the moment!
Third: Pretty floral skirt, makes me wanna wear it without tights..
Firth: Simple dark blue Shirt, to wear with the skirt :)
Fifth: Cute floral Tanktop :)

All bought in; ZARA, Springfield & Seaside.


  1. Hey :)
    Die Sachen gefallen mir!

    Mh sagen wirs mal so, ich hab vor ungefähr 2 oder 3 Jahren das letzte mal gezählt und da waren es knapp über 200 .. ich denke in der Zwischenzeit ist noch eeeiniges dazu gekommen, aber ich bin zu faul zu zählen :D

  2. ahah, it's ok.
    uhh, shopping! i love the skirt :)
    i came to Lisbon? cool! it's in my country, ahah


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