Sunday, 11 April 2010

Sorry that I didn't post anything more yesterday & nothing today! V slept at my place last night and I didn't have time & inspiration for any posts. This is also gonna be just a quick, quick post.
I'm on KK (yes, I'm addicted..) and I love those tights! They're completely new and cost 5€! I really want that kind of tights, I just hope the girl sells me them, if not, I have to look around on the website.. :) Yesterday and some days before I already sent some money to different girls, when the money arrives there, they'll send me my ordered stuff, can't wait :D
More later, I hope. xx


  1. Your tights was from h&m???
    Cuz i have the same tights in this motif and other like balls (little points):)Can you please follow my blog?;)

  2. Ich habe diese Strumpfhose in blau und hätte zu gerne auch noch die schwarze. Sieht einfach soooo super aus!!
    P.S.: Die threadbanger videos sind wirklich total super

  3. I really like tights, but they never suit me.

  4. I meant to say they look interesting. I would love to own one of those! :)

  5. ohh its okay :D i can't found the website :/


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