Saturday, 3 April 2010

Some stuff about me/what I like/what I don't like:

~ I hate, without attacking anyone, okay? those girls who always take those.. let's say 'emo'-pictures. You know, the ones you take from above, gigantic head, smaller getting body, etc, with your hair in the face, etc.

~ I'm not religious at all. I don't believe in god, neither in other stuff like that, I believe, what I see, not what I want to believe, see what I mean? I'm actually not sure if I believe in ghosts & stuff. Depends, sometimes, I really think that there are ghosts around us, which is pretty scary, haha, but other times, I think it's just my fantasy which is a little.. yeah :b

~ Many people already asked me, if I die my hair. So here's the answer: no, I never died my hair in my life and I don't see a reason why I should die it for the moment :) I'm 'proud' of my haircolor :) (that sounds arrogant, right? :/)

~ I feel like I've grown those last days, hahaah :D

~ I'm a totally weird person and I like who I am :D

That post doesn't turn out as as interesting as I wanted it to be, sorry :b If some stuff comes to my mind, I'll post it ;b xx

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  1. Hihi ich arbeite daran dass ich mehr bekomme :b haha nora glaubt an geister, und ich dachte ich wäre ein angsthase !


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