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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Hey sweethearts!
This is just a quick post (I know, I've done many of them, right?). I just arrived at home, I was at a friend's place yesterday and we had lots of fun :D We sang and danced all day long, ate frozen french fries (Mhhhh), but also started studying for chemistry, since we have test on thursday :/ she explained me some stuff, and I think, maybe, maybe, I won't fail the test? Hopefully.
But now I'm off to V's place, for some more studying. Also, my bestfriend has a broken heart and he's crying all day long, hard life :( Hope I can help him through the next days/weeks.

Aaand another floral skirt from KK arrived! You'll see it in one of my next outfitspost, I guess ;)

Have a nice saturday!

(no picture, shame on me...)

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  1. Looks like you will have a busy weekend.


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