Friday, 30 April 2010

Here I am! Back with a lot of inspiration for new DIY's! When I was at Echternach, I had to wait nearly a whole hour for my bus, so I decided to go through a shop, where you can buy lots and lots of stuff to do handicrafts with. I bought a pen to draw/write on tissue, big woodenpearls and.. this! I have seriously no idea what you call that in english, but you can see it on the picture, hehe. I have a big plan with this pretty thing, and it has nothing to do with reparing a clock or something ;) But, you'll see, you'll see..

and, remember when I bought this beautiful shirt? Well I didn't wear it at all 'til now! So I decided to fresh it up a little. When you look at the second picture, you're sure going to know, what exactly my plans are.. ;)

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  1. so wou haas du dei ketten fir dneg posch do deemols kaaft?(:
    so mer mol echeed wans de an der vakanz op ierchternach gehs, dan ´kennen mer eis io vlt gesin ? :) <3


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