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Monday, 5 April 2010

Just a small, very quick post before I go to bed. I discovered a pretty great website with lots of DIY-tutorials and thought about sharing that site with you :) it's called threadbanger. Especially one tutorial made me wanna also do it; this one. They show you how to make your jeans skinnier & finally just that they fit you better and later they bleech them and the result is awesome! Since the only jeans I buy are Cheap Mondays, 'cause they're the only ones who fit me, they're pretty expensive, 50€, I think I'll just buy a cheaper one and try to change it, when I have time :) More about that later.

Also I wanted to ask what kind of girls-movies do you know, like Wild Child, Mean Girls, LOL, which I should watch. I finally found a good website to watch movies for free on internet, just that I never know, which movie I should watch. So tell me, what are your faves? (They can also be other movies than typical 'girls-movies' ;))

Oh and, I always forget to say; I went to the new H&M in Town, some weeks ago, and I gotta say that they have pretty amazing stuff there! There I finally found my dotted tights!

But now, good night! x

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  1. The curios case of benjamin button, Alle harry potter filme ^^ und ka xD


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