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Thursday, 15 April 2010

This is my outfit from today :] first; NO, it's NOT a cropped top, it's an old, very cute blouse which is simply quite small now :b Wore it with my new favorite jeans (C.M.), white top (H&M)underneath, black cardigan (ZARA), grey jacket & pink scarf (unknown) :)
I'm in a pretty good mood at the moment, got a 10 in my first part of the french test, :D
I'm just soo not looking forward to this weekend, I have to study so much for chemistry, and I don't even get half of it D:

That's all for the moment, sorry for those boring posts..
I'm gonna make me something to eat soon, shower and then watch GNTM :)


  1. Der Schal ist ein tolles Accessoire. Und wow, deine Wandfarbe ist der Hammer!

  2. love the jacket!



  3. you look so tall! aww im jealous but love your look

  4. The outfit is kinda boring, but i love the thing you wrote of the blog on the top of the blog.. :D
    - Anna
    It's a good blog.
    - Rima


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