Friday, 30 April 2010

Here I am! Back with a lot of inspiration for new DIY's! When I was at Echternach, I had to wait nearly a whole hour for my bus, so I decided to go through a shop, where you can buy lots and lots of stuff to do handicrafts with. I bought a pen to draw/write on tissue, big woodenpearls and.. this! I have seriously no idea what you call that in english, but you can see it on the picture, hehe. I have a big plan with this pretty thing, and it has nothing to do with reparing a clock or something ;) But, you'll see, you'll see..

and, remember when I bought this beautiful shirt? Well I didn't wear it at all 'til now! So I decided to fresh it up a little. When you look at the second picture, you're sure going to know, what exactly my plans are.. ;)

Looking at you is the only drug I need

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Hola chicas! How are you all today, on such a beautiful, warm, sunny day? I'm great :D I feel superhappy right now, also because of that awesome weather! It was around 26°C today! Still can't believe it.
Also today a skirt from KK arrived, which I've been waiting soo long :D Here it is;
isn't it cute?
Aaaaand, finally took a picture of the tissue I bought, I told you about;

the dots are a little bit bigger than a 50ct-piece :) I want to make me a highwaisted skirt out of it, or something similar.. :) But now, I'm off for a shower and then GNTM! Have a good evening, x

Tu serches la fight?

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Hey you all out there :) First of all: I don't have any pictures to show you, I officially suck. I never have time to take some or just don't see the point of taking boring pictures.
Today my tissue, which I ordered some time ago on KK, arrived :D It's white with big, red circles ? on it :) I'll take a picture of it.. some time.. I try.
For the moment my outfits aren't really original or anything, so no outfitposts either, but maybe my next days-outfits will be more interesting :) The weather here is pretty awesome, always +20°C, which is, 1.really hot for april!, 2.really, really hot for april in LUX!
Whatever, I'll tell you if there's something new! x

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Such a nice weather! The first time this year that I'm walking around in shorts :D Feels great! Just some pictures my brother took, I'm off now to V's place, more maybe later! x

You are beautiful, no matter what they say

First of all; sorry that I didn't post yesterday! The weather was just so nice that I stayed most of my time in our garden :)
In the first picture you can see the ring I told you about, I bought in H&M
The other two pictures show you my yesterday's outfit, since we had dinner with grandma. The dotted blouse is the new piece I got from KK :) It's actually pretty long and I can nearly wear it as dress :b But it's really cute! Sure some more outfitposts with it during the next weeks. Also, in the second picture (quite bad light..) you can see my new nailpolish, I really love the color, makes me think of summer, sun and watermelon, hehe.
Don't know yet if there'll be any more post today, gotta do some homework and hopefully see V & K, but we'll see :)
Enjoy your sunday! x

Friday, 23 April 2010

Hey sweethearts! I'm really sorry for the lack of posting this week. I've been busy studying, etc, etc. Today I went to the cinema to see 'The Bounty hunter' which is a gorgeous film, it's really funny and (I don't know his name) the male actor who's playing the exhusband of Jen is hoot! I bought nailpolish and a ring today, also something arrived from Kleiderkreisel (: Pictures soon! Nothing more for the moment, I think.. xx

I have 20followers, woooooho. :D

I might steal your clothes and wear them if they fit me.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Just a veeery quick post! I have to go back to my chemistry books i-m-m-e-d-i-a-t-e-l-y. I have test in two days, but I still feel like studying.. a lot. That's my today's outfit (the one from yesterday wasn't very special) I really like that one, love all kind of 'nude' colors!

I'm actually wondering, yeah, I suck, how I can put two pictures on Lookbook, for one outfit. I seriously can't find it :O Anybody can help me? Pleaaase.
But now, back to books! Hope my next posts will be better! See you, maybe, later xx

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Like I told you, I went to my friend's place on friday, and we had pretty much fun :D Here are just some pictures of the hundreds and hundreds we took :b
On the first picture we look quiteeee retarded, but whatever :D, on the second one I don't wear any make-up, it was in the morning when we made us Frappuccinos, delicious!
And in the third picture I'm wondering about my ice cream! Haha x) Hope this post is a little bit better than my boring posts from this week :)

I just found out that I had Pizza 4times this week and one time french fries, mmh, healthy stuff..
It's already 21:28 but I don't feel sleepy! :( I think I'll go to bed soon, revise my stuff for german a little bit and then try to sleep, test tomorrow! Good night/good day (from whereever you are)

There's not enough room for you and for me!

first two pictures; don't mind, I just felt like taking pictures, I just found that it would look nice.
third picture; my outfit today (the new skirt) not that special, I know, but.. :)

I spent my day mostly outside, which was amazing! It was soo warm! I even made some of my homework outside :3 The weather is just beautiful! Hope it stays and the summer gets even better :D Nothing else, interesting in this post.. maybe the next one's gonna be more interesting (:

I let the things just be.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Hey sweethearts!
This is just a quick post (I know, I've done many of them, right?). I just arrived at home, I was at a friend's place yesterday and we had lots of fun :D We sang and danced all day long, ate frozen french fries (Mhhhh), but also started studying for chemistry, since we have test on thursday :/ she explained me some stuff, and I think, maybe, maybe, I won't fail the test? Hopefully.
But now I'm off to V's place, for some more studying. Also, my bestfriend has a broken heart and he's crying all day long, hard life :( Hope I can help him through the next days/weeks.

Aaand another floral skirt from KK arrived! You'll see it in one of my next outfitspost, I guess ;)

Have a nice saturday!

(no picture, shame on me...)

'Caue I don't shine if you don't shine.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

This is my outfit from today :] first; NO, it's NOT a cropped top, it's an old, very cute blouse which is simply quite small now :b Wore it with my new favorite jeans (C.M.), white top (H&M)underneath, black cardigan (ZARA), grey jacket & pink scarf (unknown) :)
I'm in a pretty good mood at the moment, got a 10 in my first part of the french test, :D
I'm just soo not looking forward to this weekend, I have to study so much for chemistry, and I don't even get half of it D:

That's all for the moment, sorry for those boring posts..
I'm gonna make me something to eat soon, shower and then watch GNTM :)


Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Here I am again :) For the ones who don't know yet, I have a Lookbook-account now! :D it's here :)
This is what I wore yesterday, got that amazing short from V, she bought it for me in NY, it's soo nice :D So yeah, wore it as dress, with dotted tights.
My today's outfit isn't really something special, so.. :)
I actually feel sick and I am. My nose is literally killing me -.-

Yesterday I was at L's place, we studied physics together, had test today. It was.. okay..
Tomorrow she's coming to my place :) Not sure yet if I'll post tomorrow.

More maybe later, x

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Sorry that I didn't post anything more yesterday & nothing today! V slept at my place last night and I didn't have time & inspiration for any posts. This is also gonna be just a quick, quick post.
I'm on KK (yes, I'm addicted..) and I love those tights! They're completely new and cost 5€! I really want that kind of tights, I just hope the girl sells me them, if not, I have to look around on the website.. :) Yesterday and some days before I already sent some money to different girls, when the money arrives there, they'll send me my ordered stuff, can't wait :D
More later, I hope. xx


Saturday, 10 April 2010


Sometimes I really wish, I'd have a Lookbook-account, so that I could post outfitpictures there and stuff. I reallyreally like that page, you can always go there and find new inspiration! Or when you have nothing to do, you can just look at all those pretty pictures :)
But you can only become a member via invitations, right? :/

Friday, 9 April 2010

Some new stuff I got during those last days. First two pictures; some of my ordered stuff from KK arrived! :D The jumper & the belt, which I can together wear as dress aswell & the négligé which is perfect to wear over a black dress or the bikini in summer :)

Also; got new sunglasses, didn't take a picture of me wearing them yet, for later! And doesn't my brother look gorgeous with them? :D

+ V and me mixed the nailpolishcolor, love the result :) & also, new ring, from H&M :)
enough for today, good night! x

Yeah I'm a real big sinner, sometimes I eat my dessert before my dinner.

I'm really, really sorry, that I didn't post yesterday, didn't have any time! And also today I was really busy!
But this is, what my wednesday looked like; bought this cuteee shirt, I fell in love with it immediately!
Then; a picture with my brother, being silly :b
+ The new nailpolish I showed you :) & my bag! :D I still have to make some small corrections, but what do you think about it? :)

And watch this, I love them!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Today I went to the cinema with Lisa and we watched Dear John. It's definitly one of my actual favorite movies! So romantic and beautiful.. and sad. Channing Tatum is so hot and cute, when he cries.. :b I have to admit, I cried, but I seriously couldn't resist.
Really, really wanna see it again, and I really recomend it to you all :)

No other posts for today, I'm staying at V's place tonight :) I bought some stuff today, gonna show you pictures tomorrow, I promise :)

But now, goodie nightie :) x

You had a good girl, good girl, but didn't know how to treat her, t-t-t-t-treat her!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

These are some pictures I took outside + some stuff I bought at Echternach :)
love the color of the nailpolish!
+ new shampoo, GRAZIA magazine, which I absolutely fell in love with!, big and small envelopes (guess, why) and chain, for my bag. I finished french (thanks, wikipedia!) and I'm now gonna sit down, eat chocolate eggs and try to finish my bag, adding the chain. (Without my strong daddy!)
See you later, alligator. x

Oh and; aren't my socks cool? :D

no movie ideas?

Yesterday evening, when I was watching those DIY-videos I told you about, I had again a huge inspirationflash :b It was already 23:30, but I just had to make something! Remember the skirt I made on my own? Well I still have a rest of tissue, so I decided to make me a small hand bag. It's nearly finished, I just need to add some chain :)

So my plans for today are:
- go to Echternach by bus & buy golden chain
- go to the post, also in E. and inform me about the costs and stuff for Kleiderkreisel.
- finish my bag
- hopefully see V again since a week!

And the weather is SO nice! I think I'll take some pictures outside now :)!

What are your plans for today?

'do these stairs go up or down?'

Monday, 5 April 2010

Just a small, very quick post before I go to bed. I discovered a pretty great website with lots of DIY-tutorials and thought about sharing that site with you :) it's called threadbanger. Especially one tutorial made me wanna also do it; this one. They show you how to make your jeans skinnier & finally just that they fit you better and later they bleech them and the result is awesome! Since the only jeans I buy are Cheap Mondays, 'cause they're the only ones who fit me, they're pretty expensive, 50€, I think I'll just buy a cheaper one and try to change it, when I have time :) More about that later.

Also I wanted to ask what kind of girls-movies do you know, like Wild Child, Mean Girls, LOL, which I should watch. I finally found a good website to watch movies for free on internet, just that I never know, which movie I should watch. So tell me, what are your faves? (They can also be other movies than typical 'girls-movies' ;))

Oh and, I always forget to say; I went to the new H&M in Town, some weeks ago, and I gotta say that they have pretty amazing stuff there! There I finally found my dotted tights!

But now, good night! x

Summer, hurry up!

So here's the stuff I got in Lisbon. Like I said; not that much at all :)
First: Beautiful blue bag, mum payed half of the price, had to get it :D
Second: Light grey cardigan which I bought in ZARA, one of my favorite pieces at the moment!
Third: Pretty floral skirt, makes me wanna wear it without tights..
Firth: Simple dark blue Shirt, to wear with the skirt :)
Fifth: Cute floral Tanktop :)

All bought in; ZARA, Springfield & Seaside.

Look over there!

I found this amazing give-away on Kleiderkreisel, there are 3prices to win, first, second and third place. the prices are extremely cute! If you also wanna join the contest, click here!
It's in german, but it's actually really simple; you just have to make a post about the giveaway and then send your Name, e-mail ad and your blog-ad and then, with a little bit of luck, maybe you'll win something! It's seriously worth it ;)

Win, for example stuff like this:

or other pretty vintage stuff!