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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Actually I feel like suuch a bag blogger! :(
For the moment, well during winter, I don't have any inspirations for pictures and outfits and other stuff to post.
I always forget or am too lazy to take outfitpictures, I don't know, what to write here, etc, etc..
I took an outfitpicture on monday, but I'm not at home for the moment, I'm at V's place, we're going to watch Germany's next Topmodel (:
Tonight I ate Lasagnaaa :D

Anyway, I give my best to postmore often & do better and more interesting posts..

Tomorrow I'll go watch Alice in Wonderland :) I heard it's quite funny

Oh, and I'm also thinking about changing my Layout again, I'm bored of it, but I'll see.. Maybe, maybe..
But now, bye, enjoy your evening! x

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  1. Oh well, I don't think some time off on blogging hurts too much but let's make sure it doesn't die off. Hope you have more inspirations after watching Alice!


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