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Saturday, 20 March 2010

So, yesterday I had a great day/night :D First I went to a friend's place, we were about 9people, it was so much fun :) Then in the evening I went to the Schoolmusical 'Guys and Dolls' with a couple of friends. I think it was pretty good, just sometimes confusing.. But I didn't know that we have so many talented people in our school! Especially the, let's say main character, the girl, has an aaawesome voice!
After that, I went to another friend's place, with Lisa, we had so much fun, but I'm really tired now, I didn't get enough sleep.. :b
I also posted my outfit from yesterday; Dress - New Yorker, Fishbone ; Tights - H&M ; Jacket - Unknown ; Bracelets - Don't remember :b

Aaaand one week left 'til 2weeks Holidays! Can't wait, I'm going to Lisbon for a week :D Actually, pretty many people already have holidays, no? If, then enjoy them! xx

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