Sunday, 7 March 2010

So here I am again :) Sorry for not posting soo long! Just didn't have any inspiration or time! Thursday Germany's next Topmodel started again, and it's like always; fun to watch ;)
These are probably my favourite parts of my room, bed in a corner with my golden heartballoon which I got from V for my Birthday ( it's nearly deead:( ) & a small picture of a shoe, from Paris :D blue wall with my big black shelf in front of it and lots of chaos :b Also; the big collage I finally have on my wall & the Marylin Monroe picture, also a birthdaypresent :) Oh and also; the woman for holding your jewelery, it's really really useful and looks really good :D But now I'm off to biology again, test tomorrow! x

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  1. omg! xD i have the same frame xD you bought in Blokker?


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