Show me your Teeth

Saturday, 13 March 2010

I went to Echternach with my Mum today & got the new french ELLE, which was just 2,3o€! I remember it was about 4 or 5€ before :O
That's what I drew today, just felt like posting it here.. Tell me what you think about it :)
Oh and I'm gonna eat Pasta again at V's place tonight, made by an italian, ha :D I feel like only eating Pasta those last days, haha :b Since Thursday I ate Pasta every evening.

Oh and; I bought this brown nailpolish :) I'm actually in love with brownishh nailpolish! It's classic but not as red and it matches with everything.


  1. iia se 4.50 eur :S
    me dofir fannen ej se awer deck gudd iergendwei, an dass vill dran fir rauszeschneiden ;D
    io mee meng mamm liest d instyle och an io (;
    okay, dann kuken ej dei mol engkeier :D
    well ej wollt mer lo sws mol mei franseij zeitungen kafen :)

  2. your good at drawing xx


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