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Sunday, 21 March 2010

I actually don't know why I'm posting, I just felt like :) I'm lookinf for dotted tights for so long but couldn't find any!
I heard that they maybe have them in H&M, do they?
Actually I'm at V's place, we're watching 'The fabulous life of', polishing my nails, eating icecream and.. strawberries! Mhhhh. My nails are in a pretty pastel-rosa now.. Can't take a picture yet, though. Didn't really get help yet about my flickr-problem, anybody can help me? Would be reaaally sweet, x


  1. they're at H&M for like 5 euro

  2. Yeah they have them in h&m, i got mine there maybe a month ago ;)

  3. My pleasure :D do you mind following me back ? :b
    i really want dotted tights too, so if you find it, can you tell me where you got them ? :) xx

  4. hjo, sou as se ned kuerz, mee dei din ej awer iwwer dheft un,also e bessen high waisted sou:b
    an wan ej mj bécken gesaid en main asch :D

  5. Nee du ges einfa sonstige un :)


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