Sunday, 21 March 2010

Actually I should just finish watching Gossip Girl :( Because my parents won't allow me to watch GG, because they say 'we don't watch TV in the morning here!', I decided to buy the second season as soon as I can. I mean, how am I gonna survive without GG?!

Also I'm actually trying to convince my mum to let me go out on friday, for a friend's Birthday, I said I could go to my grandma's house after, she lives in Cents. But then I wanted to check, when the last buses come before midnight & I found out that the last bus drives at 22:48? Wtf! I hope they made mistakes on this stupid page.. I'll check that tomorrow..

I finished my physicshomework, which I'm not sure about that it's right.. Hmm. Actually I should inform me about Touaregs, they're in our school for this week and we're gonna meet them on thursday with our frenchclass and everyone has to have minimum 5questions to ask them, I have 1..

Oh, and frenchtest on monday & wednesday, I just don't feel like studying. We're gonna have 2parts; 1) a text to read + questions (how can I study for that?!), 2) we have to write something about some subject (and here, how am I gonna study?). I usually never study for french, then I feel bad before the test and after I get a good mark, tzz :b

My first tests were good & not so good;
maths - 6.5
german - 9.8 (:D!)
biology - 7.1

and the upcpoming tests are;
french, physics (which I'm gonna suck in), chemistry (same), german, maths.. and some others are sure coming. Oh and then: Compos again, yey! x


  1. To cents there is the nightbus called CN1 or something which goes the whole night as i remember

  2. uuuah, gudd das de mej un GG erenenrs :D
    ej hun ed opgeholl, lo muss ej dad na kuken :b

  3. ehm Noraa, die compos sind erst im Juni ^^
    und ich hab gossip girl heute verpasst :((((( nur die letzten 10 minuten nicht ..


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