It smells like Spring!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Some pictures I randomly took. The second one reminds me of summer, ahh :D and i love my mum's sunglasses!

So yesterday I had the last 3hours free, because my math&physics teacher (i have the same teacher in those two subjects) was sick and.. yeah :D

But today, I had physics and double maths, he was there again :( Those last times I really think about maybe changing to maths4 after this schoolyear, because I've never been like a 'bad' student in maths, but this year everything seems to be so hard and my teacher is annoying .__.

We'll have remplacement this whole week for spanish, which is great, because I really love to have spanish now, it's so much more fun :D Double spanish tomorrow! Haha

Oh and, I'M SO STUPID, I didn't get it that Season 2 of GG started two weeks ago! I'm like kicking myself in my ass! But this sunday I'm so going to watch it, :D:D

Oh and; no homework todayy :D Enjoy your evening. xx


  1. Vom wem ist die kippe ? XD jaa ich will auch zu mathe4 wechseln.. Und das mit gossip girl LOL :D ich habs auch nur zufällig gemerkt, ich wach so morgens auf gehe nach unten schalte auf pro7. Plötzlich höre ich die stimme " und jetzt kommt gossip girl" ich war sooo OMG OMG OMG JEREMYYYYY GOSSIP GIRL LÄUFT :D hahaha ich liebe GG <3

  2. femms du ? :OOO


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