Saturday, 27 March 2010

I would KILL for a dress like this one!

Here I am again, back from the hairdresser. I signed up at, some website where you can buy or sell stuff for quite cheap :) I think it's a great idea and you don't have to give any account-number, which is really good, you send the money per post :)
And I actually have quite a lot of stuff which I could sell! Mostly those Jeggings, which I bought last summer but they don't fit me really good anymore, they are, let's say worn out, which doesn't mean you can't wear them anymore, I'm just so skinny and they don't look good on me anymore! Also some very colorful accessoires which I bought some time ago but sure won't wear anymore, etc, etc. So now I'm off for a while, I'm gonna take pictures of the stuff I wanna sell, oh and I'll take pictures of my new stuff too, ofc!
See you laterr, x

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  1. Hihi danke :)
    Naja Lukia,Olga und viele andere aus der schule haben mit fremden rumgemacht xD


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