He got those lips like sugarcane

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Last thursday, during lunch.

I'm so so sorry for the huge lack of posts! I just didn't have time to update this whole week :(
As I told you, I usually try to post tuesdays, thursdays and fridays. Well, on tuesday I was at home at half past 9, at thirsday I was busy watching GNTM & yesterday I was supposed to go out but felt really sick, so I stayed at home but neither felt like posting..
I didn't take any outfitpictures, guess why, hmpf. But you know what? 2weeks holidays now!
First week; Lisbon, can't waittt :D
Second week; Home + studying + posting way more, I promise!

I got some new stuff, I'm gonna take pictures later & post them here, but now I'm off to the hairdresser soon, but don't expect a big changement :)
See you later, Alligator, xx

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