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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Just a random picture I found on Google, looks good, actually!

My first and last post for today (sorry that I didn't post more)

I'm actually sitting at V's place, eating Cookies&Cream Häagen Dazs ice cream and I know that I have to go home veery soon & tidy my room.

Tomorrow I'm probably getting Bio back, hm, don't know if I should be happy about that or not..

'Til our next holidays I just have Frenchtest, :D
That's one thing I really really love about the years when you have Compos; you have so much less (right?) Tests!

But like I said, I'm off now.

Oh and: looking for brownish/black peeptoe-wedges for summer, for not tooexpensive.. hope finding some soon.

Good night, x

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  1. I love the outfit!
    I especially like the way you layer!
    And you got yourself a new follower ;)


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