Alors on danse!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Hahaha, got this song stuck in my head :) This is sure gonna be my last post for today. Actually I have nothing reallyreally important to say. Just that I can't wait for friday, 'cause I'm first going to a friend's place after school, with some other people, after we're all (or nearly all) going to the schoolmusical 'Guys and Dolls' and then after that I'll go to another friend's place, and I'll stay there 'til the next day AND: we're gonna be alone at home, hahah :D seriously can't wait :))
But now, I'm off to take a shower & then I'll try to sleep soon :) Goodi night! x

Oh and this picture of J.A. is SO pretty!


  1. she is soo pretty on this pic..
    nice blog ;)

  2. I agree with you. This picture of Jessica Alba looks very beautiful.


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