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Monday, 29 March 2010

Hey sweethearts, this is gonna be my last post for the next whole week :)
Our plane's going around 5, so we have to leave the house in less than an hour. I don't have any pictures to show you yet, I was way to busy packing and panicking, 'cause I couldn't find lots of stuff I've been searching :b And actually, yeah, that sounds childish, but my brother and I always take our Nintendos with us, to play during the flight, etc. BUT I couldn't find mine anymore! :O We searched in the whole house but.. nothing :(
So I guess my brother and I will fight about his Nintendo the whole flight long, haha :b
Anyways, I'll take a lot of pictures (I'll do my best!), will post more, when I'm back and I hope you enjoy your holidays as well, wherever you are right now!

Loving me's like straightening curls.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Like I told you, I love Kleiderkreisel! I found a girl who wants to change her leo-shirt + the bow belt against my light blue Jeggings :D When I'm at home again, next week, we'll send the stuff, can't wait :)) Does anybody else have an account? x

Saturday, 27 March 2010

1. I got the rings from my grandma (the left one is a reaaally old one from me) & the bracelet is an old Hermes, also from my grandma :)
2. Got a light blue shirt, from H&M
3. & 4. what I wore today. Shirt; H&M, Trousers; Cheap Monday (the new ones!)

Kleiderkreisel is AMAZING! Love it :D x

I would KILL for a dress like this one!

Here I am again, back from the hairdresser. I signed up at Kleiderkreisel.de, some website where you can buy or sell stuff for quite cheap :) I think it's a great idea and you don't have to give any account-number, which is really good, you send the money per post :)
And I actually have quite a lot of stuff which I could sell! Mostly those Jeggings, which I bought last summer but they don't fit me really good anymore, they are, let's say worn out, which doesn't mean you can't wear them anymore, I'm just so skinny and they don't look good on me anymore! Also some very colorful accessoires which I bought some time ago but sure won't wear anymore, etc, etc. So now I'm off for a while, I'm gonna take pictures of the stuff I wanna sell, oh and I'll take pictures of my new stuff too, ofc!
See you laterr, x

He got those lips like sugarcane

Last thursday, during lunch.

I'm so so sorry for the huge lack of posts! I just didn't have time to update this whole week :(
As I told you, I usually try to post tuesdays, thursdays and fridays. Well, on tuesday I was at home at half past 9, at thirsday I was busy watching GNTM & yesterday I was supposed to go out but felt really sick, so I stayed at home but neither felt like posting..
I didn't take any outfitpictures, guess why, hmpf. But you know what? 2weeks holidays now!
First week; Lisbon, can't waittt :D
Second week; Home + studying + posting way more, I promise!

I got some new stuff, I'm gonna take pictures later & post them here, but now I'm off to the hairdresser soon, but don't expect a big changement :)
See you later, Alligator, xx

'PUT THAT PEN DOWN!' 'Alright, Miss, it's a pen, not a gun.'

Sunday, 21 March 2010

I actually don't know why I'm posting, I just felt like :) I'm lookinf for dotted tights for so long but couldn't find any!
I heard that they maybe have them in H&M, do they?
Actually I'm at V's place, we're watching 'The fabulous life of', polishing my nails, eating icecream and.. strawberries! Mhhhh. My nails are in a pretty pastel-rosa now.. Can't take a picture yet, though. Didn't really get help yet about my flickr-problem, anybody can help me? Would be reaaally sweet, x

A little problem, who wants to help me?

Like the title already says, I have a little problem. I used to upload my pictures on Photobucket those last times, copy the URL & paste it, so I could upload the picture here & it became bigger than usually. But sadly, the quality of the picture went worse. Now I'm trying to use Flickr, but I don't get how I can find the URL after uploading my pictures, can anybody help me? Would be really sweet of you, xx

Oh and: 13followers, here we go! :D


Actually I should just finish watching Gossip Girl :( Because my parents won't allow me to watch GG, because they say 'we don't watch TV in the morning here!', I decided to buy the second season as soon as I can. I mean, how am I gonna survive without GG?!

Also I'm actually trying to convince my mum to let me go out on friday, for a friend's Birthday, I said I could go to my grandma's house after, she lives in Cents. But then I wanted to check, when the last buses come before midnight & I found out that the last bus drives at 22:48? Wtf! I hope they made mistakes on this stupid page.. I'll check that tomorrow..

I finished my physicshomework, which I'm not sure about that it's right.. Hmm. Actually I should inform me about Touaregs, they're in our school for this week and we're gonna meet them on thursday with our frenchclass and everyone has to have minimum 5questions to ask them, I have 1..

Oh, and frenchtest on monday & wednesday, I just don't feel like studying. We're gonna have 2parts; 1) a text to read + questions (how can I study for that?!), 2) we have to write something about some subject (and here, how am I gonna study?). I usually never study for french, then I feel bad before the test and after I get a good mark, tzz :b

My first tests were good & not so good;
maths - 6.5
german - 9.8 (:D!)
biology - 7.1

and the upcpoming tests are;
french, physics (which I'm gonna suck in), chemistry (same), german, maths.. and some others are sure coming. Oh and then: Compos again, yey! x

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Don't know, why I post this picture here, it's so.. I don't know.. scary :O

My grandma's gonna give me money so I can buy me a new Cheap Monday Jeans :) Actually I have enough Jeans, but I always wear my favorite one, because it suits me perfectly, but that one has a whole on the right knee.. So my grandma said that I had to buy a new one, :D

Oh and I wasn't in the new H&M in Town yet, I heard it's pretty good, right?
More later, x

Tell me, what's the deal?

So, yesterday I had a great day/night :D First I went to a friend's place, we were about 9people, it was so much fun :) Then in the evening I went to the Schoolmusical 'Guys and Dolls' with a couple of friends. I think it was pretty good, just sometimes confusing.. But I didn't know that we have so many talented people in our school! Especially the, let's say main character, the girl, has an aaawesome voice!
After that, I went to another friend's place, with Lisa, we had so much fun, but I'm really tired now, I didn't get enough sleep.. :b
I also posted my outfit from yesterday; Dress - New Yorker, Fishbone ; Tights - H&M ; Jacket - Unknown ; Bracelets - Don't remember :b

Aaaand one week left 'til 2weeks Holidays! Can't wait, I'm going to Lisbon for a week :D Actually, pretty many people already have holidays, no? If, then enjoy them! xx

Love's gone

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Oh, this picture is quite small, I know, but I didn't want to make it bigger, otherwise the quality'll be baad :) i'm the second one from left, btw. This was during maths, I love the picture :D

Oh and for the ones who were wondering if I smoke, because of the picture of the cigarette in my last post; no, I don't smoke. ;) It's my mum's cig.

so how I already said, no posts tomorrow, and today no more neither, I think, byebye! x

Alors on danse!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Hahaha, got this song stuck in my head :) This is sure gonna be my last post for today. Actually I have nothing reallyreally important to say. Just that I can't wait for friday, 'cause I'm first going to a friend's place after school, with some other people, after we're all (or nearly all) going to the schoolmusical 'Guys and Dolls' and then after that I'll go to another friend's place, and I'll stay there 'til the next day AND: we're gonna be alone at home, hahah :D seriously can't wait :))
But now, I'm off to take a shower & then I'll try to sleep soon :) Goodi night! x

Oh and this picture of J.A. is SO pretty!

It smells like Spring!

Some pictures I randomly took. The second one reminds me of summer, ahh :D and i love my mum's sunglasses!

So yesterday I had the last 3hours free, because my math&physics teacher (i have the same teacher in those two subjects) was sick and.. yeah :D

But today, I had physics and double maths, he was there again :( Those last times I really think about maybe changing to maths4 after this schoolyear, because I've never been like a 'bad' student in maths, but this year everything seems to be so hard and my teacher is annoying .__.

We'll have remplacement this whole week for spanish, which is great, because I really love to have spanish now, it's so much more fun :D Double spanish tomorrow! Haha

Oh and, I'M SO STUPID, I didn't get it that Season 2 of GG started two weeks ago! I'm like kicking myself in my ass! But this sunday I'm so going to watch it, :D:D

Oh and; no homework todayy :D Enjoy your evening. xx

Do you love me, love me?

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Just a random picture I found on Google, looks good, actually!

My first and last post for today (sorry that I didn't post more)

I'm actually sitting at V's place, eating Cookies&Cream Häagen Dazs ice cream and I know that I have to go home veery soon & tidy my room.

Tomorrow I'm probably getting Bio back, hm, don't know if I should be happy about that or not..

'Til our next holidays I just have Frenchtest, :D
That's one thing I really really love about the years when you have Compos; you have so much less (right?) Tests!

But like I said, I'm off now.

Oh and: looking for brownish/black peeptoe-wedges for summer, for not tooexpensive.. hope finding some soon.

Good night, x

Show me your Teeth

Saturday, 13 March 2010

I went to Echternach with my Mum today & got the new french ELLE, which was just 2,3o€! I remember it was about 4 or 5€ before :O
That's what I drew today, just felt like posting it here.. Tell me what you think about it :)
Oh and I'm gonna eat Pasta again at V's place tonight, made by an italian, ha :D I feel like only eating Pasta those last days, haha :b Since Thursday I ate Pasta every evening.

Oh and; I bought this brown nailpolish :) I'm actually in love with brownishh nailpolish! It's classic but not as red and it matches with everything.


Friday, 12 March 2010

So this is the picture from Monday, my outfit; denimshirt, striped shirt - ZARA ; Shorts - self 'cutted' ; Tights - H&M ; Scarf - Mummy's.

My brother bought the CD from Lady Gaga 'The fame Monster' haha, can't stop listening to it (:

So today I went to see Alice in Wonderland, and even though so many people said it wasn't that good, I really liked it! Especially Alice's dresses were amazing! :D

I feel like.. no I know that I have nearly no homework & nothing to study this weekend, what an awesome feeling, whoa!

Nothing more to say for the moment, enjoy your fridayevening/night ;)

We're plastic but we still have fun!

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Actually I feel like suuch a bag blogger! :(
For the moment, well during winter, I don't have any inspirations for pictures and outfits and other stuff to post.
I always forget or am too lazy to take outfitpictures, I don't know, what to write here, etc, etc..
I took an outfitpicture on monday, but I'm not at home for the moment, I'm at V's place, we're going to watch Germany's next Topmodel (:
Tonight I ate Lasagnaaa :D

Anyway, I give my best to postmore often & do better and more interesting posts..

Tomorrow I'll go watch Alice in Wonderland :) I heard it's quite funny

Oh, and I'm also thinking about changing my Layout again, I'm bored of it, but I'll see.. Maybe, maybe..
But now, bye, enjoy your evening! x

Sunday, 7 March 2010

I just made a formspring.me - account. Don't really know if they're gonna be many people asking me/telling me stuff, but whatever, if there's something, there you go!

C h i c a g o .

Last post, after I go studying, I promise!
I found this amazingly cute Blazer on Wednesday and just had to buy it! Didn't take a picture of me wearing it yet, but I'll sure wear it this week, so.. :)
But now, bye!

So here I am again :) Sorry for not posting soo long! Just didn't have any inspiration or time! Thursday Germany's next Topmodel started again, and it's like always; fun to watch ;)
These are probably my favourite parts of my room, 1.my bed in a corner with my golden heartballoon which I got from V for my Birthday ( it's nearly deead:( ) & a small picture of a shoe, from Paris :D 2.my blue wall with my big black shelf in front of it and lots of chaos :b Also; the big collage I finally have on my wall & the Marylin Monroe picture, also a birthdaypresent :) Oh and also; the woman for holding your jewelery, it's really really useful and looks really good :D But now I'm off to biology again, test tomorrow! x

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

My outfit from yesterday.
+ Candy which I still had from friday and, oh, I totally forgot to tell you that I went to see 'Nine' in the cinema, didn't I?
In my opinion it was not as I thought it would be, there were some things I obviously didn't like, but also other things I really loved :)
+ The movie makes (well, for me) only sense at the end 'cause then you finally understand the whole story.. Or I'm just a little bit slow :b
+ On some pictures you can see me dancing around, I was bored as hell, so.. hehe :b

'Going to be at a friend's place tomorrow, preparing our next magazine (finally!) So maybe a post on thursday :)

Byebye! x