Saturday, 27 February 2010

Yesterday I bought the french magazine 'PublicLook', it looked pretty good & was just 2€! And today I gotta say; I really love it. + It's also good for me that I read french magazines. Sometimes I also buy the french Galmour, but I get tired by starting reading an article because I don't like the way they're written. This magazine is more for teens, so it's better and the themes are also good.
I didn't take a picture of what I wore yesterday, but it wasn't something special anyway, so :)

I really need some more inspiration for the moment! What should I post about? My posts are all the same, mostly boring outfitposts :/


  1. make your outfit pictures more interesting, for example, stand by a plain wall, so there isn't anything else in the picture like your room and so on. or just crop them.. that'll make your outfit posts better :)

  2. i'm looking for a good french magazine, because my mom wants me to read more french u know, and yes :)
    so i'll look for this one :D<33


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