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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

I got this cute award from Katy, thank you!

So now I'm supposed to write down 7 facts about myself.. :

~ When I have a problem with a teacher or simply don't like him, I let them 'feel' that I don't like them, I sometimes even fight with teachers or I'm just trying to be arrogant and mean to them :b Actually that's maybe why some teachers just don't like me, haha.
~ I'm a multitasker-holic, means; I can't, just can't do one just one thing! For example can't I just polish my nails or just listen to music, I start dancing around, singing (uuuh) or doing other weird stuff like that.
~ My two biggest hobbies are eating and sleeping. (So you see, I'm not annorexic.)
~ Every morning in school, my friends say that I'm too hyper and active. If I'm awake once, I'm full of energy and talk and laugh non-stop.
~ I hate first talking to people on facebook/msn, etc, before I meet them like in 'real' life, because I talk like a looot with them but in real life I'm waay too afraid to meet them, so people immediately think I'm arrogant, which I'm sure not. But if I just get better with those people, I don't stop talking anymore, haha.
~ I laugh about everything. It's enough that a friend says 'look, I'll make her laugh by saying this' & I just laugh without stopping anymore, weird, right?
~ I really like vegetables, but I just can't drink hot milk, I think, it's disgusting!

This award goes to everyone who's reading this! x

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  1. so i'll get the arward?:b

    haha dad eijtz kenne ej ze guud man :b


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