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Thursday, 4 February 2010

Tuesday's Outfit, so not perfect for the upcoming evening :b +I like the eyeshadow :)

I'm sorry sorry for not posting those last days. I usually try to post on weekends, tuesdays, thursdays and friday. But I couldn't post on tuesday, because the weather here in Luxembourg was just crazy! Nothing worked anymore, and I mean nothing. I was supposed to take the 120 to Junglinster so that my mum would pick me up later and drive home. But first, S and I missed the first 18 to Auchan (we wanted to go through Auchan & take then there the bus), so we waited for the next 18. When this finally came, it was already quite late to catch our busses. But then we saw that the 18 we missed had a crash in a curve, so nothing worked anymore. So we got off of the bus and walked the whole way to Auchan. We were certain about that we just missed our bus and decided to take the one who came a half hour later. But, also at Auchan's Bus stops nothing worked. It was an only chaos! Not even the ambulance could drive through all those cars! So we decided to eat Pastaa :D Then S caught her bus, my didn't come. I first wanted to take another Eurobus to get to town where my dad could pick me up, but all the busdrivers yelled at the people that he won't stop in town. So I went to Auchan and met another friend who was also stucked there. After an hour waiting we decided to walk to his father's workplace. In the E.I.B.! We walked about 40 or 50 minutes in the snow and rain and cold and my feet felt DEAD after that! Then finally my dad picked me up and I was at home at 10. I left school at half pas 4, I arrived at home at 10. Can you imagine?
Sorry for the long text :b

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