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Friday, 19 February 2010

New Shoes, not from Converse, though :b They were quite expensive, but the good thing is, that they're leather so I can also wear them when it rains :)
New Ballerinas, aren't they cuute?

a new print-shirt, I think it would look good with my skirt & the belt, or also ofc with Jeans or Leggings. Bought in New Yorker - Fishbone.

A new book which is called 'All my shoes'. About a woman who's Boyfriend thinks she cheates on him so he starts to sell all her shoes on Ebay, but revenge is sweet.. :D

A new perfume + showergel & bodylotion. was just about 14€, the flacon is just about 20ml, but you don't need a lot because you can re-activate it when you you put a little bit water on the place where you before applicated it :) very useful, right?

This cute shirt which I immediately fell in love with ! Would look good with the skirt :) It's from H&M.
A Jeansshirt from ZARA, which I'll wear with Leggings or with Jeans :)


  1. I love your new clothes! the denim shirt is so nice :)

  2. iio, d'bild as vun teen vogue (;
    ech fannen den gestraiften plover sou schéin (:


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