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Thursday, 25 February 2010

my outfit from today, there you can see my self-made skirt :)

today I had my geography-test, I think it was okay, I hope for an okay mark :) Tomorrow historytest :/ usually I'm really not afraid of historytests because it's one of my favourite subjects & my favourite teacher, but he was absent for a month, so we had remplacement for two weeks & I feel like I didn't do/learn anything. So I studied today, but I still feel weird.. I'll also study a little bit tonight and tomorrow morning, oh-oh, got a bad feeling..

Didn't post my outfit from tuesday; I wore my dad's shirt (see one of my last posts) with tights & ballerinas, it was so long that I could wear it as a dress, haha :)


  1. dankeschön fürs kommentar :)
    nein, auch ohne leggings ;)

    vielen dank, aber die liste hab nicht ich selbst gemacht... ist aus life&style xD

  2. thaha :)
    ej liiieben mein blazer :)
    merci :)
    dei wa 80 euro bei esprit an ej krut se fir 20 :')


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