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Friday, 5 February 2010

Today I had maths test and I gotta say; it was way easier than I thought it would be! Some days I remember me freaking out because at school everything seemed to be so logical, but when I tried to study at home, nothing worked anymore! I forgot everything or just was stuck in some stupid mistakes. Back in school, I got everything and finally yesterday evening I also felt like I finally got it. And now I just hope for a good mark :D
In german our teacher gave us the information that we'll have medical revision (if you can call it like that?) in school.Ohmygod. I hate it! Seriously, you have to walk there around in underwear in front of some doctor you've never seen before. A man. Aren't we old enough that we tell our parents and then go to the doctor if we have something? Everybody has their own doctor who knows you since you're little child, we don't need another revision! So pissing me off.

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