Being melancholic

Friday, 19 February 2010

When I was at my grandma's place, she showed me many pictures when she was younger & I took pictures of some of them, because I just like them :) Gonna give some explanations to the pictures :) oh and I didn't make the pictures really really big, otherwhise the quality would be veery bad.
my great-father, I think he's the one in the middle, simply love the picture !
my grandma & e friend, smoking their first cigarette.
(my grandma's the right one)
my great-aunt, modeling for some label.
I don't remember who the people are, but why I took a picture is: it's really cool how you can see how trends come again & again, there : (faux) fure.

my great-aunt, modeling again & wearing a pretty dress.
my grandma with her best friend.
(my grandma is the one wearing glasses)
the woman with the dark hair is my great-aunt, isn't she very pretty in her amazing dress?

my great-aunt, being chic, sitting in front of a car (love it!) and on the beach.
my grandma again, isn't she pretty? :)

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