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Sunday, 28 February 2010

So today I went to Metz with my mum :) But because it's sunday, all the shops were closed :/ Anyway, i bought the new magazine Grazia & I think it's pretty good & not too expensive either :)

When I was at Metz today, I thought about where I would want to go to the university, like I do so often and I decided that my first choice absolutely is Paris!
Already years ago I was fascinated by Paris, it's an awesome city, so beautiful and interesting and full of fashion!
Also I'm a big fan of France.
Maybe I am because I already was in France when I was a baby and little child. My french is pretty good & I also really love the language, even though the grammar is horrible :b
I'm not totally sure yet what exactly I want to study later but I'd love to do something with Journalism, but also Law-stuff (if you know what I mean..), because I find that you need a 'serious' job-base, 'cause if you also want to do something like Design or Journalism, etc, and it doesn't work later, like you don't find a job, you can still come back to your 'base'. Right? Oh usually I wanted to do something with design, well I still would love to but I think that's just a dream and will stay one forever.
My second choices are Cologne or London.
Where do you want to go later?

Oh and; yeah, some pictures I took in Metz :)

But now; byebye, sleep well, School tomorrow! x


Saturday, 27 February 2010

Yesterday I bought the french magazine 'PublicLook', it looked pretty good & was just 2€! And today I gotta say; I really love it. + It's also good for me that I read french magazines. Sometimes I also buy the french Galmour, but I get tired by starting reading an article because I don't like the way they're written. This magazine is more for teens, so it's better and the themes are also good.
I didn't take a picture of what I wore yesterday, but it wasn't something special anyway, so :)

I really need some more inspiration for the moment! What should I post about? My posts are all the same, mostly boring outfitposts :/

Don't call my name, don't call my name, Alessandro!

Thursday, 25 February 2010

my outfit from today, there you can see my self-made skirt :)

today I had my geography-test, I think it was okay, I hope for an okay mark :) Tomorrow historytest :/ usually I'm really not afraid of historytests because it's one of my favourite subjects & my favourite teacher, but he was absent for a month, so we had remplacement for two weeks & I feel like I didn't do/learn anything. So I studied today, but I still feel weird.. I'll also study a little bit tonight and tomorrow morning, oh-oh, got a bad feeling..

Didn't post my outfit from tuesday; I wore my dad's shirt (see one of my last posts) with tights & ballerinas, it was so long that I could wear it as a dress, haha :)


my outfit from yesterday: striped shirt; unknown, jeans; cheap monday, blazer; my brother's, scarf; my mum's, bracelets; unknown.
+ the bag I bought Wednesday, love it! I know, everybody has it now, it's from H&M, but I've been waiting to buy this bag for sooo long. I love it, 'cause you can like 'use' it this both ways :)

Oh, me?

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

I got this cute award from Katy, thank you!

So now I'm supposed to write down 7 facts about myself.. :

~ When I have a problem with a teacher or simply don't like him, I let them 'feel' that I don't like them, I sometimes even fight with teachers or I'm just trying to be arrogant and mean to them :b Actually that's maybe why some teachers just don't like me, haha.
~ I'm a multitasker-holic, means; I can't, just can't do one just one thing! For example can't I just polish my nails or just listen to music, I start dancing around, singing (uuuh) or doing other weird stuff like that.
~ My two biggest hobbies are eating and sleeping. (So you see, I'm not annorexic.)
~ Every morning in school, my friends say that I'm too hyper and active. If I'm awake once, I'm full of energy and talk and laugh non-stop.
~ I hate first talking to people on facebook/msn, etc, before I meet them like in 'real' life, because I talk like a looot with them but in real life I'm waay too afraid to meet them, so people immediately think I'm arrogant, which I'm sure not. But if I just get better with those people, I don't stop talking anymore, haha.
~ I laugh about everything. It's enough that a friend says 'look, I'll make her laugh by saying this' & I just laugh without stopping anymore, weird, right?
~ I really like vegetables, but I just can't drink hot milk, I think, it's disgusting!

This award goes to everyone who's reading this! x

she's got a halo around her finger

Sunday, 21 February 2010

I spent an awesome afternoon yesterday! I had lots of fun and got lots of presents!
Just some examples: Perfume from Bruno Banani, Maany lovely smelling showergels & bodylotions, something for my jewelery, a mascara from Helena Rubinstein & much more :D didn't take any pictures yet, didn't have time & this is also gonna be a very quick post because I'm soon getting a shower & then going to bed, school tomorrow!
I don't think I have more to tell at the moment.. oh tomorrow I'll get another present from my best friend, he bought it in Roma and he says I'll love it, haha :D
So, good night! x
+ 11 followers, thanks!

Oh what an amazing giveaway!

When I read about this giveaway I just couldn't resist! The idea is just great; You can win your favourite one out of 14 looks which Caroline made with 14different items!
This is my favourite look, because it looks stylish but not overdressed, I would wear it without heels for school or with heels & without the hoodie but another nice jacket for going out, etc! My favourite item is the jacket from Topshop!
To join the giveaway, click here;
Ps: The giveaway finishes the 22. february! Hurry ;)

I'm 15 !

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Thanks so much to all the people who wished me! I'm really happy at the moment :D + I'm getting more visits everyday, I think I'm on the right way :D Today I'll have my Party & I'll sure take a lot of pictures & post them :)
My outfit for today;
Oh and I totally forgot to show you the two rings I also bought in Trier! Got them in C&A, they're from I am & SIX :)

Geography, eww

Friday, 19 February 2010

Last Post for today, I think.
I finally studied a little bit for Geography, I'm always way too lazy during the holidays! I have Geo & Historytest next week.. So enthusiastic, haha.
But now I'm off because I gotta prepare myself, we're going to Echternach soon, I have to buy some stuff 'cause I'll bake cupcakes or a cake for my Birthday tomorrow, and for the moment I look like a retard :b So, bye ! x

New Stuff from Trier. - 200. Post !

New Shoes, not from Converse, though :b They were quite expensive, but the good thing is, that they're leather so I can also wear them when it rains :)
New Ballerinas, aren't they cuute?

a new print-shirt, I think it would look good with my skirt & the belt, or also ofc with Jeans or Leggings. Bought in New Yorker - Fishbone.

A new book which is called 'All my shoes'. About a woman who's Boyfriend thinks she cheates on him so he starts to sell all her shoes on Ebay, but revenge is sweet.. :D

A new perfume + showergel & bodylotion. was just about 14€, the flacon is just about 20ml, but you don't need a lot because you can re-activate it when you you put a little bit water on the place where you before applicated it :) very useful, right?

This cute shirt which I immediately fell in love with ! Would look good with the skirt :) It's from H&M.
A Jeansshirt from ZARA, which I'll wear with Leggings or with Jeans :)

Being melancholic

When I was at my grandma's place, she showed me many pictures when she was younger & I took pictures of some of them, because I just like them :) Gonna give some explanations to the pictures :) oh and I didn't make the pictures really really big, otherwhise the quality would be veery bad.
my great-father, I think he's the one in the middle, simply love the picture !
my grandma & e friend, smoking their first cigarette.
(my grandma's the right one)
my great-aunt, modeling for some label.
I don't remember who the people are, but why I took a picture is: it's really cool how you can see how trends come again & again, there : (faux) fure.

my great-aunt, modeling again & wearing a pretty dress.
my grandma with her best friend.
(my grandma is the one wearing glasses)
the woman with the dark hair is my great-aunt, isn't she very pretty in her amazing dress?

my great-aunt, being chic, sitting in front of a car (love it!) and on the beach.
my grandma again, isn't she pretty? :)

It's just gonna fall apart

So I spend the whole wednesday at my grandma's house, with my little brother.
I took pictures, drew, ate delicious things & just relaxed :)
So here are the pictures.

I just love the pattern of the wallpaper :) haha, it looks like my shirt has the same pattern :b
Outfit: shirt, skirt & jacket - ZARA, faux fure & tights - H&M, scarf - present.
(oh and, ignore the socks :b)

Grandma's burger are the best of the whole world :D Ate 3 of them & after felt like dying, haha.Nothing special about the first picture, I was just bored. The second one; some of them look quite goofy, but the thing I want to say about that is: I love wedges! I love wearing them, but also drawing them! Oh and; the girl with the gloves is jumping, just for you to know :b