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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

I was first wondering about why the people I wrote on their blogs never answered me/my questions. but then an anonymous told me that when someone clicked on the link of my name 'Nora A.', you couldn't see my profile & bloglink. I changed that aand it worksss! :D Hope for more visits and readers and comments now! :D
For the moment I'm just really happy! I'm really close to some of my friends, I'm getting closer to others and meeting new people and.. just an amazing feeling :)!
+ I nearly finished that stupid book for french + got a 9in my German book presentation :D
But(oh, like I hate that word..) I'll have spanishtest and french minitest tomorrow, and math and germantest next week, ugh :( anyway, I'm not gonna let the tests make me mad or sad, I'm way too happy for that now!
AND: I'm gonna eat Lasagna tonight and drinking Dr Pepper, mummy's the best!
Have a goodgood evening, my lovesss :)

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