Saturday, 16 January 2010

Soo yesterday i went out with a couple of friends, finally we were 12people! :)
At the beginning we went to some bar, but after a time we decided to walk through town, and to go somewhere else. Finally we ended up in McDonald's, haha !
But anyway i had a good night with all the girls :)
When S and i took the bus to come home, our feet were like dead :b but anyway, i'm still in love with my shoesss ;)

What i wore yesterday, see above.


  1. your blog looks alot like kristiana v's blog..

  2. oh? well that's not what i wanted to happen ;/

  3. You should try to be more original. Of course not every post is like hers, but I think you should be more creative! Maybe like that you'll get more followers.. And this is not a hater comment by the way! Good luck!

  4. Well, it's hard to be original, but I'll give my best :) thanks for advice anyway. And for the moment I'm working on some self-made stuff, maybe that'll be more original? :)


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