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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Do you know those really cool and stylish polaroid cameras? I bet you do, and I absolutely love them :D But these last years, they stopped producting that kind of cameras because everybody's using digital cameras now. Buut, yesterday I watched some reportage about those cameras and they said, that they're going to start to do those cameras and stuff again :D Woohoo. I'd love to have one like this, even though I heard that they're quite expensive.. Hmm well let's see :) Oh and; Bday in 1month and 1day! ha :D
have a lovely evening, xx, Nora.


  1. Hahaa yeah bruce he was funny ;)
    Yeah i'm james sister :b

  2. I LOVE polaroids too. They're so stylish :p but yeah, it will be expensive, that's a sure thing ;/


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