Ice, Ice, Baby.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Oh like I hate cold :) And like I hate living in our house in winter :O actually, I live in a veery old house, and like all the oold houses, it's build of stone. The thing is, that it's always quite cold in here, right i love our house in summer, when it's like freaking hot outside, you feel like in a fridge here, but in winter? no way. It's always around 17/18°C here! And always when I wanna pull the temperatur-thingie up to 20°C (which is a normal temperature, no?) my dad puts it down on 18again -.- I mean, okay, it obviously is needless when the house's like so hot, that you can live in t-shirts there in winter, but 20°? I think, that's seriously needed to not freeze, no?
Anyway, I'm sitting here in my leggings underneath my Pyjamabottom, Top, two jackets and socks and.. :O hm. I prefer it hot. don't you?

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