Saturday, 9 January 2010

I miss blogging!
These last times i had so many nice ideas to take pictures, had so many ideas how to change/design/make clothes by my own. and i'd love to share this!

but i really don't see the point, that i'll be blogging again but nobody's reading it.
So can i get 4more readers? that would be awesome :D

+ i do read a few blogs, it's not like i ask you to follow me, but i never follow anyone :)

and to all my followers; can i have a sign that you're still alive? :)


(pictures coming up)


  1. you have to update your blog way more often, otherwise you wont get any comments because people will stop reading your blog if you never post anything (; just start posting photos (also if you think noone reads your blog) and you'll see, after a while, you'll have 4 more followers!

  2. I agree with anonymous! I read your blog whenever you update it, though. Before you always put soo much contrast on your pics, the color totally changed, that wasnt good, but seems that you dont do it anymore. But you should post more and clearer pictures and comment other blogs so they would notice you. Otherwise than all that - i'm alive!

  3. yeh, i think u should make more clearer pictures, on a white 'hintergrund' or something maybe in the morning an then u post them and i think u will have much more followers and readers if u update every day (:
    Jil x


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